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Public Attributes

ViewPanel Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int _x
int _x1
int _x2
int _y
int _y1
int _y2
int child_capacity
int child_size
void ** childs
int command
int err
char err_string [120]
u_int32_t global_flag
void(* handle_left_pick )(struct ViewPanel *vp, SelectObject *obj, int id)
void(* handle_mouse_over )(struct ViewPanel *vp, SelectObject *obj, int id)
void(* handle_right_pick )(struct ViewPanel *vp, SelectObject *obj, int id)
float height
int interval
void(* keyTyped )(struct ViewPanel *vp, unsigned char key, int x, int y)
void(* mouseDragged )(struct ViewPanel *vp, int x, int y)
void(* mouseMoved )(struct ViewPanel *vp, int x, int y)
void(* mousePressed )(struct ViewPanel *vp, int button, int x, int y)
void(* mouseReleased )(struct ViewPanel *vp, int button, int x, int y)
void(* mouseWheel )(struct ViewPanel *vp, int wheel, int direction, int x, int y)
int msg
char msg_string [120]
float off_x
float off_y
struct ViewPanelowner
void(* paint )(struct ViewPanel *vp)
void(* paintStatusBar )(struct ViewPanel *vp)
int parent_win_id
int(* pick )(struct ViewPanel *vp, float x, float y, float size, void(*handle)(struct ViewPanel *vp, SelectObject *obj, int id))
struct GListref_menu
void(* resize )(struct ViewPanel *vp, int w, int h)
int show_help
void(* specialKey )(struct ViewPanel *vp, int code, int x, int y)
float status_height
int status_id
float status_width
int string_f
int string_n
void(* synchronize )(void *observer, View *view, int event, int64_t last_x, int y)
void(* timer )(struct ViewPanel *vp, int t)
int64_t view_number
char view_string [120]
float width
int win_id

Detailed Description

Definition at line 233 of file maqview.h.

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